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澳洲往事1606-1890 IV.--1 金恩执掌悉尼

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1. Governor King. Governor Hunter, who left Sydney in the year 1800, was succeeded by Captain King, the young officer who has been already mentioned as the founder of the settlement at Norfolk Island. He was a man of much ability, and was both acti 大学生英语竞赛试题ve and industrious; yet so overwhelming at this time were the difficulties of Governorship in New South Wales, that his term of office was little more than a distressing failure. The colony consisted chiefly of convicts, who were---many of them---the most depraved and hardened villains to be met with in the history of crime. To keep these in check, and to maintain order, was no easy task; but to make them work, to convert them into industrious and well-behaved members of the community, was far beyond any Governor’s power. King made an effort, and did his very best; but after a time he grew disheartened, and, in his disappointment, complained of the folly which expected him to make farmers out of pickpockets. His chances of success would have been much increased had he been properly seconded by his subordinates. But, unfortunately, circumstances had arisen which caused the officers and soldiers not only to render him no assistance whatever, but even to thwart and frustrate his most careful plans.
    1. 金恩主座。 1800 年,汉特主座从 悉尼离任,接替他的是金恩船长——我们前面已经提到这位年轻的官员,是他建立了诺福克岛的殖民点。金恩很有能力,兼具活跃和勤勉的品质。然而,做当时的新威尔士的统治者困难重重,他的任期里更多的是痛苦的失败。殖民地的人口以英国来的犯人为主,很多都是能够在犯罪史上数得着的最堕落、最顽固的无赖;管控住这些人,使他们循分守己,实在不轻易;而要想让他们从事劳动,在新社区里变成勤勉而行为端正的成员,更是远远超出了治理者的能力。金恩为此付出了最大的努力,但是不久之后他就丧气了。他在失看中抱怨,想把扒手改造成农民,无异于一出尽好的讽刺剧。假如他能够得到来自手下适当协助的话,他成功的机会也许会大一些;然而很不性冬接下来的情况使得 悉尼的官员、士兵们不但对他毫无帮助,反而成为他严密计划的绊脚石。

澳洲往事1606-1890 IV.--1 金恩执掌悉尼

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